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Monday’s Pic

Chunyo can be a little moody sometimes and yesterday was definitely one of those days. When Chunyo is in a bad mood and is on the verge of a tantrum (kid you not, sometimes he even throws himself on the ground) his bottom lip comes out.  Check out this picture – this is what Chunyo looks like when he is CRANKY! He was not happy!!!  Maybe it was the snow outside (it’s been cold), his lack of outdoor exercise or maybe its the cameras. He has limited tolerance for all those clicks…  But regardless of his mood – he is still cute to us!

Boston Terrier with an Attitude

Aren't I Entitled to Have a Bad Day?


Friday’s Pic

Rather Be in Here Than Out There

Thursday’s Pic – We got some more snow!

We got a some snow yesterday!  So Chunyo did a little exploring outside today.. 
Boston Terrier in the Snow

Let's See What's In My Yard!

Boston Terrier in the Snow

Look What I Found!

An half hour later..

Boston Terrier in the Snow

Ok, Enough of That! Time to Go! It's cold! Burrr....

Wednesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier, Snow

This is what "sit" looks like in the snow...

Tuesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier Hiding from the World

Needed Some Time Alone

Easy Pumpkin Treats for Chunyo

Dog treats

Waiting for his pumpkin treats!

Chunyo loves his treats – Kongs stuffed with peanut butter, liver treats, and the occasional bully stick.  But one of his FAVORITE treats is pumpkin.  HE loves himself some pumpkin – in a bowl, on a spoon, or in a treat.  However he can get it, he will take it! His vet was the first to recommend it. So from time to time he gets it as a treat.  Rather than putting it in a little bowl, we recently decided to change it up a bit – frozen pumpkin treats.  

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 organic can of pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)
  • Ice tray (Put one scoop in each opening; recommend mixing it up with a little bit of water so it is not too thick) 
pumpkin treats

Frozen pumpkin treats

Tada!  Wait a couple of hours and your pooch will be happy with his new pumpkin treat!

Friday’s Pic – It is cold. Burrrr….


Ready for my walk.. It's cold. Let's make it quick!

It’s been pretty cold lately and Chunyo has been feeling super lazy.  Can barely get him out the door. (Just check out the pics this week to see.)  It has been pretty windy so we have been bundling him up for his afternoon walks.  We got him a new coat for the season.  We looked at him today and realized he looks a little nerdy. Gotta get him a cooler coat!

Thursday’s Pic


How can you resist this face??

Wednesday’s Pic

Chunyo relaxing on the couch

Another Day on the Couch

Tuesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier, Relaxing

Still Recovering from the Long Weekend..

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