Dogs and the Winter Blues….

It’s winter.  It’s cold, gray and gloomy outside.  No one wants to go outside including our Chunyo. Even though we take him on his daily walks – he does his best to run back home as soon as he is done with his “business.”

SO as a result we have been seeing a lot of this lately. After careful observation, we think it’s official. Chunyo has the winter blues…

Chunyo's Winter Blues

Winter Blues

He spent all weekend curled up on the couch and sleeping way too much. He wakes up long enough to get some water, a little food and to stretch his legs.  But that’s it!! After that it was back to his favorite position this winter – ZZZZZZ…  Who does that?

So to get him out of his funk, we are making an effort to get him to play indoors.  Needless to say we are pulling out more toys to help him burn some energy, shed his winter pounds and keep him out of trouble.

What are you doing to help your dog get over the winter blues?


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