Responsible Pet Owner Month and Tuesday’s Pic

Boston in the snow

Loving the snow

 For many of us, when we think of February we think of Valentine’s Day.  Well did you know that February is also Responsible Pet Owner Month? So this month, let’s make it a point to remember our furry friends (as well as the other animals in our lives)! 

Things that you can do to make sure you are a Responsible Pet Owner:

  • Make sure your dog or cat is spayed or neutered.  These procedures not only help control the animal population, it can also prevent or help decrease the chance of experiencing various diseases – including certain cancers. If you are low on funds, check out local low-cost clinics in your area.
  • Feed your dog a well-balanced and nutritious diet.  There are lots of great pet foods out there.  Do your research to figure out the best fit for your pet. Click here to learn more about these foods. Also remember there are some foods that are bad for dogs including chocolate, grapes, raisins, and onions. 
  • Make sure your plants aren’t toxic. There is a long list of plants that are bad for pets. Click here to see which ones.  
  • Train your pooch.  Many dogs end up in shelters because of their behavioral problems. With some training, socializing and LOTS of patience, you can prevent having to ever make that decision.
  • Clean up after your pooch.  Don’t forget your bags to make sure you clean up after your pet.  It is irresponsible not clean up after your dog. 
  • Groom your dog regularly.  Whether your dog is long-haired or short-haired your pet needs to be given a regular bath/brush and nail trim. Don’t forget to check those ears and brush those teeth too.
  • Give your pet plenty of exercise.  Make sure your dog gets his daily walks.  Exercise will help to your pooch healthy and out of trouble.
  • Make sure your pet has up to date ID tags. Don’t forget your rabies tags too!

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