Staying out of the dog house..

Have I mentioned how smart brilliant Chunyo is?  Too smart, really! I could give you a list of examples but I will spare you.  So just take my word for it.  Our little canine is sharp!  The downside – he gets bored easily and tends to get himself into a little bit of trouble from time to time. 

Over time we have tried several toys to keep him out of the dog house (no pun intended). We have bought him squeaky toys only to have him kill the sounds within minutes (apparently he doesn’t like noise), other indestructible toys (I question these titles often) which were quickly destroyed and last summer, we even bought him a soccer ball.  Well he squeezed the life out of that ball in an instant. I think I might still be a little bitter about the $10 we wasted. SO at the recommendation of our trainer (who I can’t say enough nice things about) we turned to interactive food toys to make Chunyo work for his food.  We don’t use it all the time, just when we sense he needs to work off some of his attitude steam. 

Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball

We have used two types of toys.  The first one, Kibble Nibble Feeder Ball did not last long; I wouldn’t  recommend it for larger dogs.  One, the holes were too big for his little kibbles and two, Chunyo quickly caught on to the fact he could pick up the ball (defeating the whole purpose).  See teeth marks in the rubber.  So if you have a medium or larger pooch, I would steer clear of this one.

Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler

The second one – the Kong Wobbler was the winner!!  (Thank you to the pet store salesperson who recommended it). Chunyo can’t destroy it!  And because of where the hole is placed, it can take quite a while for the food to come out on the side. This helps to keep Chunyo busy.  You should see him wobbling that bad boy around the house. It’s hilarious! No kibble will go untouched!  Of course, some of you neat freaks should be warned, you will have food on the floor until your pooch is done.  This is also probably not the best toy to have around if you have small kids around unless your dog eats in a confined area. But other than that, if you are desperate need some extra help to keep your pooch from getting bored, this interactive toy might be worth the purchase!!

Photo: Boston Terrier, Kong Wobbler

Let me have some..

Photo: Boston Terrier, Kong Wobbler

Mission Accomplished!


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