When your dog loses control..

Has  your dog ever had a tantrum?  The kind where he throws himself on the ground, refuses to budge or listen. In that instant, he may even growl at you a bit. If you haven’t experienced this, consider yourself very lucky! If you have, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Chunyo used to have tantrums when he was younger and after lots of training (and patience), we were able to work through it. Unfortunately, last week I had a brief flash from the past.  During one of our walks, Chunyo quickly took a hold of his leash and started biting and pulling it.  Then he had the nerve to throw himself on the ground  and refuse to get up!  Urgh!  I thought we moved past this stage.  What happened? In that moment, I had to remember what I learned in training – correct him and then let him finish his tantrum. Whatever you do, don’t fight it! Of course this is easier said than done.  I swear the neighbors were looking out their windows watching the drama unfold!  Finally, after several attempts to calm him down (it felt like forever) – Chunyo was back to normal 🙂 He was ready to finish his walk. Phewww!

Has your dog had a tantrum recently?  How do you handle it?  Here is an article from Dog Breed Advice on the topic.  Figured I needed to review how to handle Chunyo’s occasional moments of madness 😉 Let’ s hope this doesn’t happen again anytime soon! It’s embarrassing!  

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3 responses to “When your dog loses control..

  • pawsitivelife

    Sounds like an everyday event with Nautica…sigh. I guess three rounds of obedience school do not help

  • Angel @ Life with LuLu and Wally

    Oh, just look at that face! I can’t believe a sweet boy like that could ever be naughty.. LOL! 😉

    When my dogs put the brakes on, I first try to figure out if there’s an actual problem – did they want to smell something that I didn’t notice? Is there something ahead that’s making them nervous?

    If I think they’re just being stubborn, I turn my back and let them do whatever they need to do to get out their frustration. When they realize I’m not paying any attention and what they’re doing isn’t working, they usually stop being stinkers. Usually…. LOL!

  • misskodee

    LOL yes I think both dogs at one time in their life had a temper tantrum!! The sit I refuse to budge one is Kodee’s trick. Becky just runs in circles – she is mighty fast on her toes. But seriously I dont think we can ever stay mad at them. Problem is they know it too.

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