Visit is over…

It’s been a LONG week. Not only because Chunyo was feeling under the weather but as some of you might recall we’ve had a house guest since last week.  Good news! It’s finally time for Casper to go home :). I think the little one is ready to leave and Chunyo is absolutely ready to be in charge again.  He has spent the last 10 days sharing his toys, sharing his walks (only the short ones) and feeling constantly rejected.  The little one just had NO interest in playing.  In fact, I think he spent the week fearing for his life on edge.  He would squeal (hard on the ears) every time Chunyo came near him.  Poor thing!  I feel like I spent the entire time as a  referee (which is exhausting).  Have to admit,  we are looking forward to some one on one with our Chunyo (no offense to Casper) 😉 . 

Photo: Boston Terrier, Chihuahua

You got the picture, where's our treat?


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