Bostons featured in Modern Magazine

Modern Dog magazine is featuring different breeds – so far they have 32.  Guess what??  Yep, they featured the Boston Terrier!  So hurry up and sneak a peek – especially those Boston lovers out there or those who might be considering adding one to your pack.  But if you are neither (we won’t be offended), there are lots of other breeds featured including Boxers, French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers.  Check it out and see if your dog’s breed (or its mix) made the list.

Here’s a short excerpt about Boston Terriers. They hit it right on the nail.

“Their spunky personalities endear them to their human companions. They’re intelligent, well-mannered, alert, and rambunctious. Easy to train and frequently effective watchdogs, the Boston Terrier is good with children and tender with elders. However, as we all know, nothing in life is perfect. Much the same as Uncle Cecil, the Boston Terrier is prone to snoring. And like a bad prom date, prone to drooling as well. But if you can handle the nighttime sonorous symphony and the occasional slobber splatter, you just may have a new pal.”

 P.S.  Like many other Bostons out there, Chunyo snores (loud).  In fact, he is snoring right now 😉

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo, Modern Dog

"Intelligent, well-mannered, alert, and rambunctious." That is me!! 🙂


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