Dogs who are scaredy cats..

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Dont call me a scaredy cat!

A few weeks ago we were making pancakes and the smoke alarm went off.  As I was waving a magazine at it to clear up the smoke I saw Chunyo  shaking like a leaf.  It took a few minutes but he eventually calmed down.  Well this past weekend, we made pancakes again (yum!). The smoke alarm did NOT go off this time.  But wouldn’t you know it – Chunyo was shaking again.  It took a few minutes but after reading his body language we realized that he now associates the smell of the pancakes with the smoke alarm.  Amazing!  Poor thing.. 

Here is an article from Modern Dog magazine on dog’s body language.    Read below to see what they say about dogs who are feeling fearful.  The picture above confirms it – Chunyo is scared of smoke alarms!

“Dogs can move their ears independently and almost 180 degrees from the front to the back. In general, consider that the more forward your dog’s ears are, the more confident he is about a given situation. The further back and pinned against his head and neck your dog’s ears are, the more fearful he is.”

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5 responses to “Dogs who are scaredy cats..

  • 2browndawgs

    Awe poor Chunyo. I bet that smoke detector hurt his ears. Storm does not care for them either.

    Isn’t it amazing how a dog’s mind works? Thunder, who is pretty much fearless, does not care for highway rumble strips, (the kind they put down to slow traffic at a constructions zone). On the way to the trainer there is an area of the highway that seems to be always under construction. Whenever we get close to that area Thunder stands up in the truck and looks down just bracing himself for those silly/scary strips. Once we are past the “problem” area, he relaxes again.

  • SandySays1

    I live in a area where there are lots of thunder storms. Lots of my friends are scared of them. They have a sense that allows them to know when a storm is coming and exhibit unique behavior before the booming starts. They forecast storms as good as the TV folks do.


    Oh No, poor you Chunyo, plus poor rest of the family too, as I assume they won’t be having pancakes as often?

    I get scared when my Dad flaps any clothes, it’s ok if Mum does it, but if Dad does it I run and hide behind Mum’s leg…..when he puts the scary thing down I run and give him a big hug 🙂

    Hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  • Oscar & Pauline

    Say it ain’t so, Chunyo! The smell of pancakes is one of the best things in the world!

  • Corner The Cats

    […] Dogs who are scaredy cats.. « Chunyo's Corner Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner Don t call me a scaredy cat A few weeks ago we were making pancakes and the smoke alarm went off. As I was waving a magazine at it to clear up the smoke I saw Chunyo shaking like a leaf. […]

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