That was quick!

How time flies! Monday already?

We had the family over on Saturday and lucky for us we had a clear, sunny sky. We had tons of food and spent hours watching Chunyo playing and wrestling in the yard.  My brother’s dog, Taz came over and both dogs went nuts.  Unfortunately, we also had a bit of a scary incident.  Chunyo ran out the backyard and down the street to our neighbors – scary!  He wouldn’t stop when we called him. In fact, he ran faster. Really, it was embarassing – it took four of us to get him back home! We have never had this problem with him.  In fact, we never let him out of our sight.  He might have been too excited.  Whatever the reason – we won’t be letting him out of our sight again and will have to work with him on coming when called. Back to square one.  ALL tips welcome from you experts out there..

AND before I forget  – we  are planning a cool giveaway this Wednesday – so stay tuned!

Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

Where's the party?

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

Now this is a party!

Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

I'm beat!


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I'm a young Boston Terrier that likes to run, play and get himself into a little bit of trouble from time to time. Follow my adventures to find out a little bit more. View all posts by Chunyo's Corner

5 responses to “That was quick!

  • 2browndawgs

    Will he chase you? Have you worked on that? Sometimes if you run in the opposite direction and make it a game, the dog will chase and you can get him to a safe place. Then you can work on simple recall exercises. If you have two people and a fenced area, that is best. Otherwise put a check cord on him and have the person behind hold the check cord and run behind him while the other person calls him in as goofy/fun a manner as possible. Make it fun. Start short and make it longer. Reward when he comes to you…praise, pets, or treats. Eventually phase out treats if you use them and just use praise.

    • Chunyo's Corner

      We have a fenced in yard so usually we just let him run and it’s not a problem. We try not to play chase too much because he thinks everything is a game (I guess it’s the clownish side of the Boston Terrier). But these are good points. We have a long leash and he is definitely motivated by treats. Going to try this out!

  • adventureweiner

    That’s scary! Glad you got him back.

    Chester has gotten out a couple of times and we didn’t see him escape so we didn’t even have a chance to try and call him. If we had he probably wouldn’t have come when called either. He is not good at that. What he IS good at though is “WAIT”. If I say that in a “I really mean it buddy” voice he will freese until I come get him. He doesns’t come but at least he doesn’t keep running away. We are working on his recall though.


    Oh Chunyo – you silly thing, my Mum says the grass really isn’t greener on the other side…..:) I know what it’s like though, sometimes you just get in the ‘zone’ and you can’t hear anyone…..

    So glad you saw sense in the end and they got you back home, phew!!

    I think if my Dad called ‘Koala’ I’d come, cos I love doing the Koala hug, but not sure I’d listen to anything else though…..I think Mum’s planning some more training for me, doh!

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  • pawsitivelife

    I am so terrified of Nautica running away. I am apprehensive of going off leash

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