Trains, cabs, sore feet and a moody canine

Friday we mentioned that we had lots of plans for the weekend without our sweet Chunyo.  We took a quick trip to New York City to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  We’ve been to NYC a few times but this was our first time going there on the train (my new fav way to travel).  I take a train to work every day and I must say, it is the way to go.  No long security lines, no traffic AND you get the chance to check out the scenery while you go.  Love it!  Sad part, no pooches.. 

We had a nice dinner on Friday (Sushi Samba – serves some great mojitos) and enjoyed some delicious (really!) banana pancakes on Saturday morning at Pershing Square.  I tasted these pancakes the last time I was in NYC with some girlfriends and never forgot them. I wasn’t disappointed – they were SO good!  We spent the rest of the day walking off our big breakfasts and even spotted a few cute Bostons along the way (made us miss our Chun).  After visiting Ground Zero, we ended the afternoon basking in the sun, people watching over some Blue Moons at Battery Park.  After a long day, we ended our Saturday night watching (and laughing) John Leguizamo’s one man show, Ghetto Klown (pretty good). 

9/11 Memorial in progress, Photo

9/11 Memorial under construction

Boston Terrier, Vendor Picture

Boston on the brain - our purchase from local vendor

 Our trip was pretty smooth up until it was time to come home.  We were at the train station ready to go and then realized that our tickets were for Monday not Sunday!  Yikes!  We flew to the Amtrak office to change our tickets and had to pay big bucks to make it home yesterday!  Agh!  Talk about an expensive mistake.  We had to get back to work otherwise we would have stayed the extra day.  Note to self: triple check dates. Have no idea how we missed that one.

So how was Chunyo when we got home?  Not pleased.  This of course is typical behavior for him when we go away.  At least he is consistent.  We spent the afternoon taking him on a long walk and playing in the back yard.  Think he might still be annoyed.  Hopefully, a good night’s sleep will lift his mood.  He has spent s couple of hours in the basement – think he needed some “alone” time. 😉 

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Might take a little while for me to get over this..

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Max and Ruffy giveaway, we will announce the winner tomorrrow morning.  Stay tuned…


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