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Pepto, chicken soup & a little trickery!

Yesterday we mentioned Chunyo hasn’t been feeling his best.  He had an upset stomach for a few days.  We knew something wasn’t right when he wasn’t his usual bossy, playful self!  He spent hours laying on the couch, didn’t want to go outside and couldn’t keep down his food.  Poor thing! SO out came the Pepto (just a little) to help settle his tummy – no luck!  Next option: make a quick run to the store to make him some chicken soup (bland of course).  The next day we had to give him a little pumpkin to help with his system.  Woohoo! Needless to say that helped put a little pep in his step. A sigh of relief for us – he is much better!  No need for a vet visit after all.  We had scheduled one but ended up canceling when we saw that he was feeling better.  Phew!

We are thrilled that Chun is feeling better but we must admit there is never a drama free moment with this pooch!  While chicken soup seems to work wonders for Chunyo’s tummy issues it also creates an avenue for other behaviors!  Yep, you probably guessed it – he REFUSES to drink his water! He sniffs his bowl and walks away like you are giving him something that is absolutely unacceptable.  It is quite a hilarious scene!  Within minutes he plops himself next to his bowl staring you down to let you know that is waiting for some more soup!  Because we have been down this road before (totally fooled me before) we recognize when Chunyo starts playing mind games with us. That’s right – we have his ##!!!! This time, I was ready!  It was 94 degrees outside and since I knew Chunyo was feeling better I took him outside for a walk and let him feel the heat.  Figured he would be thirsty, right? HA! No luck!  He still wasn’t drinking from his bowl.  Lucky for me, I was one step ahead – I had put some water in his Chilly Bones container.  Lucky for me (and Chunyo) – it worked!!  Always gotta be one step ahead of this cute canine! 😉

Anyone out there ever get fooled by your dog? Please say we are NOT alone!

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Feeling yucky!

Chilly Bones, Photo

Water in Chunyo's Chilly Bone container


Wordless Wednesday

Photo, Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier

Been a little under the weather over here..

Nothing like a break..


Surprise!  We are back in town – ok, we got back physically (from Montreal) on Sunday night but mentally is what I’m focused on at the moment.  You know that feeling when you don’t quite want to break away from the vacation high and get back into your routine? We are slowly transitioning back to the real world. Sigh.. Yesterday, I did manage to send a funny Wordless Wednesday pic (our boy wore himself out the other day), unpack and clean up a bit.  Next up:  determine the damage of our trip!  Why does vacationing have to be SO expensive no matter where you go?  Ugh!

We were in Montreal a total of five days.  One of us had to work and the other lucky one (that would be ME) got to goof off.  The weather was perfect! I spent my mornings sipping on my café latte and eating fresh, scrumptious (can’t emphasize just how GOOD) almond croissants every morning while I people watched without a care in the world.  This was my first time having almond croissants and I must say that I might be seriously addicted.  Delish!  I spent my afternoons lounging next to the pool with a book in hand.  Since we are such busy bodies at home I was committed to relaxation. Mission accomplished!! Don’t worry Chunyo was in good hands while we were gone.  But I am certain he wasn’t too happy about our departure.  It’s ok – we always spend several days (after a trip) making it up to him 😉 Unfortunately, he couldn’t come!  Fortunately (for him) there aren’t any Chunyo-less trips on the horizon.

Anyone out there have any exciting summer plans?  With or without the pooch? 

Below are a few pics from our trip. Among the places that we were able to visit: Old Montreal, Mount Royal,  Basilique Notre-Dame and Montreal’s Underground City.  We took a Gray Line tour so many of the pics are from a distance. For you food lovers out there,  I am sorry to report that the croissants went too quickly so there is no pic.  This was my first time in Montreal and I must say I really enjoyed it. Most people speak English but next time I am going to take a stab at perfecting some French phrases.  I really should have paid more attention in French class while in school. And aside from the fact that the American dollar isn’t that strong it is still worth a quick trip if you need a getaway.

Au revoir!

Photo, Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier

Hmm.. Something fishy is going on here!

Montreal, Mount Royal, Photo

View from Mount Royal

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

A view of Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal

Olympic Stadium, Montreal

View of the Olympic Stadium

Wordless Wednesday

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

I'm beat!

Wordless Wednesday

Chunyo's Corner, Photo, Boston Terrier

Can’t take the heat!!

It’s been a heat wave around here. Crazy hot and humid! The type of weather that makes you feel like you need to run back home and shower immediately. Yuck! And unfortunately, Chunyo has been going stir crazy in the house because he hasn’t gotten much exercise.

This past weekend the weather started to get a bit cooler – or so I thought. In an effort to give our pooch a change of scenery, we thought it would be a good idea to take him with us and sit outside somewhere while we have breakfast. While our plan was well intentioned it was cut super short. The place we went to would only let us keep him tied to a pole a few feet from us.

Well that wasn’t going to work because he was:

1) too excited with all those new and more interesting people (to him of course) around; and

2) the temps were quickly going up and he wasn’t having it.

SO, our nice relaxing breakfast idea turned out to be one bottle of water, two chocolate croissants and coffees to go. We did finally manage to find a shady spot for him where he sat next to these beautiful flowers. Perfect place for a photo! So I quickly grabbed the camera and pressed the button – NADA! Yep, you probably guessed – no battery. I forgot it at home – left it charging! Looks like our outing was not meant to be. Or at least meant to be featured in this post.

But we won’t leave without posting a pic or two. Here is a pic of Chunyo from last week. Let’s just say summer is not his season. He is much more of a spring and fall kind of dog 😉

But while we are on the topic of heat, it’s probably good to remember how to keep our pooches safe this summer especially those with short-noses (you know who you are).

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

It's hot, hot, hot! Someone take me inside!

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

Glad I'm not out there! My nose can't take it!

Wordless Wednesday

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

A dog’s point of view…

I admit it – I have been slackin.’  But only in the blog department – everything else is keeping me crazy busy! So rather than add more pressure on myself, I have made an executive decision, I am going to change my blogging schedule.  Call it a “summer schedule.”  I’ll be posting 2-3 times a week starting this week.

Generally, I am a creature of habit but unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I need and want to do!  And word on the street is that we should try get at least eight hours of sleep (HA HA) – but that isn’t happening either.

Over the past several weeks, we have had several contractors come out to give us estimates on a new deck and fence. Can’t you picture Chunyo catching rays on his new deck? Can’t wait! We’ve been dreaming about this for a while now but began to give it more serious thought when Chunyo made a mad dash out the side door (which is not fenced in). I think I am still traumatized! The not so great news is that we have to have a door installed (large window there now) which requires an additional contractor.  So needless to say there has been constant activity at Chunyo’s pad.  It’s become a revolving door of contractors and repairmen (our dishwasher took a turn for the worst last week).  And let us not forget I have been on my own DIY missions too. Our door looks lovely! You can catch a glimpse in the pic below!

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner


Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Whatcha lookin' at? Never seen a little drool..

Paint, nails, etc..

The power was down at work for the past two days so I decided to use my time wisely and do a few things around the house (which explains why I’m SO tired as I type away.)

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Another Home Depot run?

This morning Chunyo and I took another ride to Home Depot for a few supplies.  In the past two days we made an address plaque, sanded and painted the front door,  spray painted the mailbox (couldn’t find a deep brown so I had to get creative) and painted a large picture frame (from black to white).

Unfortunately, Chunyo has been witness to my hard labor.  He’s probably glad that dogs can’t help ;).

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  We are off to check more things off our “list of things to do.” I’m on a mission!

They say practice makes perfect…

Last  week  we bought a new zoom lens for our camera. We still have to experiment with it some more but so far, so good.  In an effort to perfect our photography skills – we also broke down and bought Photoshop Elements 9 with a recent Best Buy coupon. It took 10% off our purchase – not too much but every bit helps. A little overwhelmed by all the cool features – there is lots to learn so bear with us. We are open to any tips!!

Here is my first Photoshop attempt…  They say practice makes perfect – we shall see…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

Straight from the camera...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

Fiddling with the background here..

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