Can’t take the heat!!

It’s been a heat wave around here. Crazy hot and humid! The type of weather that makes you feel like you need to run back home and shower immediately. Yuck! And unfortunately, Chunyo has been going stir crazy in the house because he hasn’t gotten much exercise.

This past weekend the weather started to get a bit cooler – or so I thought. In an effort to give our pooch a change of scenery, we thought it would be a good idea to take him with us and sit outside somewhere while we have breakfast. While our plan was well intentioned it was cut super short. The place we went to would only let us keep him tied to a pole a few feet from us.

Well that wasn’t going to work because he was:

1) too excited with all those new and more interesting people (to him of course) around; and

2) the temps were quickly going up and he wasn’t having it.

SO, our nice relaxing breakfast idea turned out to be one bottle of water, two chocolate croissants and coffees to go. We did finally manage to find a shady spot for him where he sat next to these beautiful flowers. Perfect place for a photo! So I quickly grabbed the camera and pressed the button – NADA! Yep, you probably guessed – no battery. I forgot it at home – left it charging! Looks like our outing was not meant to be. Or at least meant to be featured in this post.

But we won’t leave without posting a pic or two. Here is a pic of Chunyo from last week. Let’s just say summer is not his season. He is much more of a spring and fall kind of dog 😉

But while we are on the topic of heat, it’s probably good to remember how to keep our pooches safe this summer especially those with short-noses (you know who you are).

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

It's hot, hot, hot! Someone take me inside!

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

Glad I'm not out there! My nose can't take it!


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