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Wordless Wednesday

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I can see you ūüėČ


And the winner is..

Happy Friday! So glad the weekend is here!  Woohoo!  But we are also happy to announce the winners to the Cesar Canine Cuisine giveaway. 

Another drumroll please….

The lucky winners are Benny and Lily

Congrats and enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Cesar Canine, Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier
Big prizes!
Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo
Congratulations Benny & Lily!

A big thanks to Cesar Canine Cuisine for sending us their delicious products & cool t-shirt!

Wordless Wednesday

Don’t forget to sign up for the Cesar Canine Cuisine giveaway – tomorrow is the last day to sign up!!

On the hunt..

We currently¬†have ONE plant.¬† One lonely, old Bamboo that we picked up in¬†New York City (gotta love Chinatown) years ago.¬† Pathetic, I know but our Bamboo is still going strong!!¬† Unfortunately, I know the time has finally come to have more indoor plants¬†so I went on the hunt for some new¬†house plants.¬†Since Chunyo¬†gets himself in¬†trouble¬†sometimes¬†I wanted to make sure¬†the new plants were non-toxic to dogs.¬†¬†I went to three places –¬†Wal-mart,¬†a local nursery and Home¬†Depot –¬†and only came out with¬†TWO new plants. I really wanted to get a Ponytail Palm but the nursery¬†wouldn’t sell me the one they had – it had bugs (just my luck), then the¬†Yucca plant and the Corn Stalks I was eyeing in the store¬†were both toxic to dogs.¬† So after looking¬†through¬†the long ASPCA list on¬†my phone, I came¬†back home with¬†another¬†Bamboo and a Pleomele.¬†SO the hunt will continue to find¬†some more indoor plants.

Looking for suggestions!  What plants do you have in your home?

THREE more days to sign up for the Cesar Canine Cuisine’s giveaway – ends Thursday!

Before I forget (again) – a BIG, BIG and very belated thank you to 2 Brown Dawgs and Just Ramblin’ Pier for our recent awards – Versatile Blogger award and Genuine Blogger award.

Photo, Chunyo's Corner

Check out our two new plants!

Photo, Boston Terrier, Plant, Chunyo's Corner

Hmm... What's this? For me?

Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, New Plants

Not sure why they got me posing next to this blue thing?

Slobber, Licks and Zzzzz captured on Animoto

Happy Monday!¬† As you all know we have TONS of funny pics of Chunyo.¬† This weekend while on the computer I finally visited Animoto¬†to create a cute collection of Chunyo’s photos. Our boy has¬†SO many funny faces.¬†Here it is:¬†¬†¬†SUPER EASY! All you have to¬†do is create an account and¬†¬†you can create short photo¬†video (30 seconds/12 pics) for free!¬† You can pay a small fee ($5 for the month/$30 for year) if you want to create a longer version.¬† We added some Latin tunes in the background to keep you early birds awake ūüėČ

I know lots of you have a nice collection of photos Рso I suggest you check it out.  Whenever I get a chance I want to make a longer version of some special events and travels.  Would definitely recommend it to others Рthey have a collection of songs that you can insert in your video or you can add your own MP3 version.  Enjoy!

Have you ever tried Animoto out?  Thoughts?

Pssst!!¬† Don’t forget to sign up for Cesar Canine’s Cuisine giveaway¬† – its ends this Thursday!

Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

Happy Monday! ūüôā

Woohoo! Time for a giveaway..

Chunyo is one lucky dog!!  He recently got really cool gifts in the mail.  Cesar Canine Cuisine was generous enough to send us a package in the mail filled with food and treat samples and a super cute, bright colored t-shirt.  Unfortunately or fortunately (whichever way you look at it) the t-shirt was not for Chunyo but for ME!!  Woohooo!!

Cesar Canine, Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier

The goods..

The package included a t-shirt, 2 bags of Softies Medley treats and 7 meals in the following flavors:

  • Grilled Steak & Eggs flavor
  • Filet Mignon flavor
  • Chicken & Liver
  • Beef
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken & Veal
  • Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Souffle

Now on to the good news (drum roll, please)! We received two packages ‚Äď one for us and one for a lucky reader.

A few details and how to win?

  • Giveaway begins Thursday, July 14th and ends Thursday, July 21st..¬† Winner will be announced on Friday,
    July 22nd
  • ¬†Winner will be selected using
  • “Like‚ÄĚ Chunyo‚Äôs Corner Facebook Page (if you haven‚Äôt already)
  • Follow Chunyo‚Äôs Corner on Twitter (@chunyoscorner) (if you don‚Äôt already)
  • Leave us a comment on this post. Tell us what type of dog food you buy for your pooch.
  • Spread the word.
  • Open to U.S. entrants only

Which is Chunyo’s favorite flavor? Although he was a little suspicious of his bowl at first (first time having wet food) he quickly got over it. We mixed it with his food to avoid an upset tummy. His fav? Paws up to Chicken and Veal.

Cesar Cuisine, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

Hmm.. This is good..

Oh and the treats were a hit too!  They come in super cool shapes.

Cesar Canine Cuisine, Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier

Chunyo’s Corner has not been compensated in any way for this review. Opinions are all are own.

Wordless Wednesday

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Look who is flying?!


Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

I'm worn out!!



Happy Friday

Chunyo¬†is feeling much better¬†and we have been keeping¬†busy over here. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be boring our little buddy lately.¬† He’s been spending lots of time in this position ūüėČ I like¬†to call it the superman pose but I think it really¬†might be the – “I don’t have anything to do and am bored out of my mind –¬†play with me please” pose. ¬†We¬†may have¬†some making up to do.¬† Happy Friday!

psst!  Stay tuned for a giveaway next week!

Photo, Boston Terrier, Bored, Chunyo's Corner

I'm SO SO bored!

Wordless Wednesday

Agh!!!  A little late this morning..   Happy Wednesday! 
Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier, Photo

Is it Friday yet?

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