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Where’s my refill?

Wednesday nights are usually American Idol nights (yes, I admit it we are Idol fans).  In case anyone is wondering, lots of great singers this season. Some dramatic ones, too (but I’ll save that conversation for another time). As we were watching and critiquing the contestants, it occurred to us that a little someone was feeling neglected.  Out of nowhere, Chunyo grabbed his Bento Ball and bolted towards the couch to make his presence known. 

Of course, I quickly reached for my phone to share his madness with you all.  Sorry, they are a little blurry. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bento Balls, they are great.  You can buy different refills (we use chicken flavor) and they last for quite a while.  And best of all, dogs still like them without the refills.  In fact, Chunyo was playing with his empty Bento last night.  It could also be that he was trying to remind us that he is in need of a refill.  🙂

Photo: Boston Terrier, Bento Ball

Here I am!! In case, you hadn't noticed.

Photo: Boston Terrier, Bento Ball

Make room for me and my Bento please!

Photo: Boston Terrier, Bento Ball

Think I need a refill.. Maybe this weekend?


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