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Paws up to Max and Ruffy’s..

As some of you might recall – we recently realized that Chunyo is allergic to one of his favorite treats: peanut butter. In light of this, we are checking out some different options.  We are happy to share our recent find: blueberry grain-free treats from Max & Ruffy’s.
Max and Ruffy's, Chunyo's Corner review

Max and Ruffy's

Because Chunyo can be a bit picky we wanted to give it a some time before we shared our thoughts with everyone. The verdict: a winner!
See pics for the real deal on the treats.  Our thoughts and considerations are also listed below but Chunyo’s last pic might just seal the deal for you and your pooch 🙂
  • The box is filled with plenty of treats that will last quite a while.
  • They come in different flavors.
  • Max & Ruffy’s website tells you where you can find them online or near you.
  • Only one thing to consider – they might be a little hard for some dogs (e.g., very small or young dogs, older ones, etc.). They seem to be quite crunchy.

    Max and Ruffy's, Treats Review

    Details on the back of the box.

    Photo, Chunyo's Corner, Max and Ruffy's

    I'm waiting... You going to give it to me or what?!?

    Chunyo's Corner, Photo, Max and Ruffy's, Boston Terrier

    That was delish! Another one? Maybe?!?


    Road to recovery on the horizon…

    We had a nice weekend and got a chance to take  several long walks.   The downside of this weekend is that little Chunyo is still feeling a little under the weather  – less licking of the paws but still itchy.  Thanks to everyone who gave us some helpful tips.

    Unfortunately, we are also monitoring a little bump on his face next his eye.  The vet said to watch and see if it gets bigger and I swear it is 😦 Looks like we will be back at vet’s office again.  Hope it isn’t anything serious. Wish us luck!

    Photo, Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner

    Hope I'm back to my old self soon 😦

    Itching, scratching, and rubbing… Oh No!

    Have you ever noticed your dog licking his paws, scratching his face or ears a bit too much?  If so, did you know that these can be  allergy symptoms?  Yep!  Who knew?!  We been watching Chunyo struggle with this recently so we went to the vet to get to the bottom of it.

    Photo, Boston Terrier, Allergies

    Do we really have to be here?

    After several tests and an ear cleaning – the vet told us that Chunyo has an ear infection, yeast in his paws, and possible skin infection – all of which can be related to allergies.  Ugh!!!  Poor thing!  After receiving his antibiotic shot (a little more expensive but better than 3 weeks of pills 2xs a day), we walked out with our hands full – a prescription to control the itching, ear drops for his infection and a special shampoo to soothe his irritated skin and paws.  Oh did I forget to mention the big bill?!  Yeah, let’s hope we get a decent reimbursement from his insurance. But of course, the most important thing is that our lil guy feels better soon 🙂

    So what’s Chunyo allergic to?  Yeah, well we don’t know EXACTLY but it is quite possible that it is peanut butter!  So SAD about this!  Remember those peanut butter treats that he loved so much.  Sadly, he might be allergic to them 😦  So NO more of those peanut butter treats for him.  Too bad, he LOVED them.  Hopefully other pooches can enjoy them even if Chunyo can’t.

    Does your dog have allergies? Any suggestions for us?

    If you want to learn more about allergies, check out this article and the picture below.  You might learn a little something, we did.

    Photo: Dog Allergy Guide, Drs Foster & Smith

    Allergy guide From Doctors Foster & Smith

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