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Healthy or not? Which is it?

I will be the first to admit that about five years ago, I didn’t spent too much time thinking about healthy ingredients, fresh air or toxic chemicals.  Thinking back, I can list the reasons why – too busy hanging out with friends, on weekend getaways and weekly happy hours, etc. (The list could go on and on but I will spare you). Those were the days (I kid).

Chunyo's Corner, Boston Terrier, Photo

How could you not want the best for this face?

Today, I try to eat a lot healthier and am more aware of what we (including Chunyo) breathe and buy. SO yes, I have to admit (proudly I guess) that today, I read labels, buy organic, support local farmers’ markets and surround us with “green” cleaning products whenever possible.  I am guilty- I have become one of those people that I once had no interest in becoming.  Call it age or just too much information (which I swear gets me every time).  Once I learned about all the bad stuff we eat and breathe, it was hard to go back.  And yes, the budget reflects it (that’s the bad part). I still have YET to understand WHY it is more expensive to live a healthier life?  A blog post for another day…. But if someone can explain, go for it!   

SO – back to this post…  For those of you who might be interested, I found this great website – HealthyStuff.org. They research toxic chemicals on a whole bunch of stuff related to kids, cars, house stuff (even those Christmas lights from last year – yikes).  But for the sake of this blog – I am focusing on the pet stuff. HealthyStuff.org tested over 400 pet products, including beds, chew toys, stuffed toys, collars, leashes, and tennis balls. You can search by Brand, Type, Level of Concern, etc.  Take a peek – it’s kind of cool.

AirKong Squeaker Ball

AirKong Squeaker Ball

I tested it out to see if anything that Chunyo has is on there.  Lo and behold, I found the AirKong Squeaker Tennis Ball.  I know some of you out there own a few.  Well, breathe easy…  There is a low level of concern.  Pheww!! I was going to have to run outside and collect tons of tennis balls (don’t ask!).

Healthy Stuff Level Key

HealthyStuff.org toxic level key

If you feel like checking out some of the things you already own or if you want to investigate a future purchase, visit this site.  

Do you ever check out products before you purchase them?  Curious minds want to know..


Side note: A birthday shout out to one of our readers  – Feliz Cumpleaños Ivan! 😉


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