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Feeling Frisky..

Happy Friday!¬† We are SO ready for the weekend ūüôā

Boston Terrier, Photo, Chunyo's Corner

TGIF! Stop thinking about work and let's have a little fun!


Tug, Shake, Squeak and Snuggle…

Like our¬†pal at According to Gus, we recently ordered something from Barking Deals.¬† And what a deal it was – we ordered a KONG¬ģ Tugger Knots toy for $6.99 (with free shipping).¬†This toy is great – dogs can tug at it, shake¬†it, make¬†it squeak and snuggle with it too.¬†

Kong Tugger Knots, Chunyo's Corner

Diagram of Tugger Knot (See link for more details)

Unfortunately, Chunyo¬†has a bad track record. He¬†destroys some of¬† his toys (and beds too). But this¬†one, I am happy to report has survived his rough antics.¬† In fact, he often spends time snuggling with it (which probably defeats the purpose) – but I guess he and the monkey have bonded ūüôā¬†Whatever makes him happy, I say! ¬†

Kong Tugger Knot, Chunyo's Corner

You mean I can shake, tug, squeeze and lay with it?!? Now, that's what I'm talking about!

So based on our experience –¬†it’s a winner.¬†Of course, the 50% off from Barking Deals definitely¬†made it worth a try! If you aren’t signed up already, try it out. ¬†

Kong Tugger Knot, Chunyo's Corner

Oh, did I forget to mention - I can use him as a pillow too :)?

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