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Wordless Wednesday

Photo: Boston Terrier


Chilly Bones – Gone in a Flash

Chunyo recently received a great gift  – Chillin’ Bonz.  Chillin’ Bonz are bone shaped frozen treat trays.  They are really cool and super easy to make treats with.  The package also comes with easy recipes too. I used the Peanutbutterbone recipe but it also comes with a number of other recipes (e.g., Kiwiberry Yum, Barking Wild Fruit Treat). Great treats for the warm weather!  
Phot: Chilln' Bonz

Here is the front of the box

Photo: Chillin' Bonz

The actual trays

 The pink part is great because it makes it easier to take the frozen bones out.  

Photo: Chillin' Bonz

Pic of the recipe we used

We used left over peanut from the organic peanut butter from treats we made for Chunyo.  We used half of a small container of organic plain yogurt instead of vanilla yogurt.

Photo: Chilln' Bonz

Peanutbutterbone mix

 This is what the mix looked like. I ended up adding just a little more yogurt than I expected. I do get curious about Chunyo’s taste buds sometimes, so I tried a bit.  Human opinion:  Good  – not that my opinion is what matters 🙂

Photo: Chillin' Bonz

This is what it looks like in tray

Photo: Chillin' Bonz

Perfect Shaped Bone!

Photo: Boston Terrier, Chillin' Bonz


Walaa!!  Dog’s verdict:  Delicious! Bone gone in a flash….

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