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Wordless Wednesday

Photo: Boston Terrier


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day.. Date Anyone?

Blog Hop..

Puplove is hosting a great get to know you blog hop.  We are new to the blogging world sow e thought this was a great way to get to know other dog bloggers. Unfortunately, we can’t get the link to work so go to Puplove to get the code.  We are including one of Chunyo’s puppy pics.  We were inspired by According to Gus puppy pics.  Enjoy!

Name: Chunyo
Website: https://chunyoscorner.wordpress.com/
Age: 1 year and 10 months (Almost 2!)
Breed: Boston Terrier
How we met: We received Chunyo from a family at 8 weeks. He was one of four. My husband and Chunyo bonded right away.
Best trick: Chunyo knows how to sit, lay, roll over, and give you his paw. He also knows how to fetch but is a little selfish so he often thinks twice before handing back his toys 🙂
Favorite toy: Chunyo has his own toy box full of balls and fuzzy toys. His fav – his fleece slipper.
Best Friend: Chunyo LOVES the neighborhood kids. In fact, he sits at the window whining to go outside and play. And they come look for him too.
Worst Enemy: He has none. Chunyo is super friendly and likes everyone. While he’s moody with us sometimes, he is quite the gentleman with everyone else.

Chunyo's Puppy Bath Pic

Today’s Pic.. Finally – it’s Friday!

Boston Terrier on His Bed

It's Been A Long Week!!!

Wednesday’s Pic

Man Cave

Welcome to My "Man" Cave

Monday’s Pic

Chunyo can be a little moody sometimes and yesterday was definitely one of those days. When Chunyo is in a bad mood and is on the verge of a tantrum (kid you not, sometimes he even throws himself on the ground) his bottom lip comes out.  Check out this picture – this is what Chunyo looks like when he is CRANKY! He was not happy!!!  Maybe it was the snow outside (it’s been cold), his lack of outdoor exercise or maybe its the cameras. He has limited tolerance for all those clicks…  But regardless of his mood – he is still cute to us!

Boston Terrier with an Attitude

Aren't I Entitled to Have a Bad Day?

Friday’s Pic

Rather Be in Here Than Out There

Wednesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier, Snow

This is what "sit" looks like in the snow...

Tuesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier Hiding from the World

Needed Some Time Alone

Easy Pumpkin Treats for Chunyo

Dog treats

Waiting for his pumpkin treats!

Chunyo loves his treats – Kongs stuffed with peanut butter, liver treats, and the occasional bully stick.  But one of his FAVORITE treats is pumpkin.  HE loves himself some pumpkin – in a bowl, on a spoon, or in a treat.  However he can get it, he will take it! His vet was the first to recommend it. So from time to time he gets it as a treat.  Rather than putting it in a little bowl, we recently decided to change it up a bit – frozen pumpkin treats.  

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 organic can of pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling)
  • Ice tray (Put one scoop in each opening; recommend mixing it up with a little bit of water so it is not too thick) 
pumpkin treats

Frozen pumpkin treats

Tada!  Wait a couple of hours and your pooch will be happy with his new pumpkin treat!

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