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Thursday’s Pic


How can you resist this face??


Wednesday’s Pic

Chunyo relaxing on the couch

Another Day on the Couch

Tuesday’s Pic

Boston Terrier, Relaxing

Still Recovering from the Long Weekend..

Monday’s Pic

Boston Terrier, Photography

Chunyo Relaxing on "His" Couch


This is our couch in the living room and Chunyo’s favorite place to be.  Can’t blame him – it is so comfortable.

Friday’s Pic

TGIF - Ready for Some Wine!

Thursday’s Pic

Chunyo is feeling LAZY today... Think the cold weather is getting to him.

Wednesday’s Pic

Looks like someone had a long day!

Tuesday’s Pic

What are you looking at?

Monday’s Pic

How did this little guy find his way to us?

Chunyo out back - wondering what he is going to get into next

How did this little guy find his way to us?  Before we met Chunyo, we had another dog – a 13 year old Pomeranian who got very sick and passed away.  We had considered getting another dog for quite a while but knew our pooch would not be happy. She wasn’t the warmest little lady.

 We had not figured out the timing but after lots of research and conversations, we pretty much decided we wanted a Boston Terrier.  We liked their size and need for a little more activity than the smaller breeds.  Unfortunately, our sweet dog started to have seizures and had taken a turn for the worst. We had to put her down. Putting her down was a very difficult decision but watching her condition worsen was even harder.

 So how did we decide it was time to get a new dog?  Had we not talked about it before, I think it would have taken us more time to get to a place where we were ready for a new dog.  When our dog passed away, it hit us that something was missing. We had not been without a dog our entire time together. Even though we had each other and entertained each other just fine, there was a bit of new, unfamiliar silence in our home.   We absolutely missed our dog but decided to revisit the idea of getting another dog.  At first, I was hesitant out of loyalty to my previous pooch but knew that it was the right thing to do. Fortunately, I was in between jobs and had the time to devote to a puppy – the timing worked out.  We identified a family that had some puppies and we were off to meet our future pooch.  And in a nutshell, that is how we met Chunyo.  How did we pick him?  Easy.  His great personality, those sweet little wrinkles, his big paws (that would later catch up with him) and his special eyes all helped us fall in love with Chunyo!  But little did we know that we were on the road to a new adventure. Here we thought we were experienced dog owners but Chunyo is unlike any other dog we’ve met.  He is a total clown (confirmed by his FIRST puppy obedience class trainer)!  He has provided us with so much laughter since we brought him home that we finally decided to share some of his funny moments with the world!

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