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Something to think about… A Dog’s Purpose

W.  Bruce Cameron’s book, A Dog Purpose: A Novel for Humans is a wonderful addition to our collection of books. Cameron successfully sheds light on the deep love between dogs and their owners. A Dog’s Purpose takes readers on an entertaining and sometimes emotional journey through the eyes of Bailey,  a special canine who lives several lives in an effort to find his life’s purpose. Cameron’s main character experiences the life of a stray, the best friend of a young boy (a very touching relationship), a rescue canine and an older man’s companion. I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this book (avoided spoilers in advance) and didn’t know where the book was going the first few pages. But don’t let this affect your decision, it didn’t take long to have me hooked – I was laughing at times and sad at others. Cameron does an excellent job of making the point of view of the dog quite believable. 

 If Cameron’s goal was to make his readers see life through the eyes of their canines – mission accomplished! Bravo! I caught myself thinking more deeply about our own dog’s (gotta love Chunyo) thoughts, triggers and behaviors. But above all, I loved the idea (whether true or not) that our canines serve a special purpose.

I would recommend this book to other dog (or any animal for that matter) lovers.  I ordered the hardback because I couldn’t wait to read it. But for those of you who are more patient or prefer paperback, it will be available May 24, 2011.  For those of you who are like me, better find yourself a Borders coupon

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Photo, Boston Terrier, A Dog's Purpose

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