Pepto, chicken soup & a little trickery!

Yesterday we mentioned Chunyo hasn’t been feeling his best.  He had an upset stomach for a few days.  We knew something wasn’t right when he wasn’t his usual bossy, playful self!  He spent hours laying on the couch, didn’t want to go outside and couldn’t keep down his food.  Poor thing! SO out came the Pepto (just a little) to help settle his tummy – no luck!  Next option: make a quick run to the store to make him some chicken soup (bland of course).  The next day we had to give him a little pumpkin to help with his system.  Woohoo! Needless to say that helped put a little pep in his step. A sigh of relief for us – he is much better!  No need for a vet visit after all.  We had scheduled one but ended up canceling when we saw that he was feeling better.  Phew!

We are thrilled that Chun is feeling better but we must admit there is never a drama free moment with this pooch!  While chicken soup seems to work wonders for Chunyo’s tummy issues it also creates an avenue for other behaviors!  Yep, you probably guessed it – he REFUSES to drink his water! He sniffs his bowl and walks away like you are giving him something that is absolutely unacceptable.  It is quite a hilarious scene!  Within minutes he plops himself next to his bowl staring you down to let you know that is waiting for some more soup!  Because we have been down this road before (totally fooled me before) we recognize when Chunyo starts playing mind games with us. That’s right – we have his ##!!!! This time, I was ready!  It was 94 degrees outside and since I knew Chunyo was feeling better I took him outside for a walk and let him feel the heat.  Figured he would be thirsty, right? HA! No luck!  He still wasn’t drinking from his bowl.  Lucky for me, I was one step ahead – I had put some water in his Chilly Bones container.  Lucky for me (and Chunyo) – it worked!!  Always gotta be one step ahead of this cute canine! 😉

Anyone out there ever get fooled by your dog? Please say we are NOT alone!

Boston Terrier, Chunyo's Corner, Photo

Feeling yucky!

Chilly Bones, Photo

Water in Chunyo's Chilly Bone container


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