Any green thumbs out there?

It’s that time of year again –  time to put our garden gloves on, gather our tools and get to work. Fun, huh?  For some, I suppose.  I am still working on my “love” for gardening. Dirt has never been my thing. I just always feel SO overwhelmed by our garden (plants are all over the house). But it’s got to be done whether I like it or not! I have tried putting it off – it’s never pretty.

We decided that this spring we are going to try to move some plants around and fill in some gaps with new plants. We are also going to try to keep it as pet friendly as possible (wish us luck on this one). Listen up gardeners – we are totally open to suggestions. Any??

In the meantime, we have done a little research. Here is a  list of good and bad plants for dogs and the ASPCA’s Guide to Pet Safe Gardening. Do you have any special plans for your garden this year?

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Don't get alarmed! I was just checkin' out the rocks..


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